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Healthy Ingredients


Meet The Originator

Bae Gould, the originator of the VeggiO cookie, is a retired Mortgage Broker who has always been conscientious about healthy eating. 

As a child, Bae always loved to cook and bake with her grandmother learning what ingredients complemented each other and many times enhancing age old recipes. Her brother casually approached her to utilize her nutritional background by developing a healthy and great tasting cookie. The best roulette and poker on our site deutsches online casino. Go to and get big bonuses! This piqued her interest, and VeggiO Cookies were born. 

She created the cookies to promote health awareness and better eating habits for children and families on the go. Each cookie is loaded with nutrition from organic and natural foods that provide vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats.

This cookie provides your body with lots of energy and only 280 calories. One cookie is a great snack, and two cookies have enough nutrition to replace a meal. Bae is starting this business later in life but she’s doing what she loves …making healthy food.


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